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Congratulations to the 2021 Haulin’ Aspen winners… Way to show up and kick some ASPEN!


Men’s Overall

1st Place Ryan Zinkhan 3:17:42

2nd Place Tyler Hunter 3:23:24

3rd Place Ian Sharman 3:24:33

Women’s Overall

1st Place Melissa Hand 3:46:01

2nd Place Danielle Parks 3:49:00

3rd Place Gabrielle Cullen 4:27:06

Men’s Masters (40 +)

1st Place Peter Curran 3:39:06

2nd Place Robert Ripley 3:47:42

3rd Place James Brennan 3:48:01

Women’s Masters (40 +)

1st Place Christina Eunson 4:52:55

2nd Place Carrie Barrett 4:53:56

3rd Place Amber Ward 5:30:26


Men’s Overall

1st Place Casey Campbell 1:17:54

2nd Place Daniel Button 1:25:02

3rd Place Bryan Poole 1:31:21

Women’s Overall

1st Place Johanna Sylvester 1:39:35

2nd Place Kristen Monahan 1:40:45

3rd Place Tonya Lutz 1:41:26

Men’s Masters (40+)

1st Place Justin Grindlesperger 1:32:42

2nd Place Jason Gulley 1:38:38

3rd Place Wayne Lewis 1:42:41

Women’s Masters (40+)

1st Place Kari Huang 1:47:59

2nd Place Melissa Schultz 1:57:04

3rd Place Margaret Grace 2:07:35

HALF AS (6.5 miles)

Men’s Overall

1st Place Jack Casalino 40:44

2nd Place Corey Hunter 42:24

3rd Place Ryan Hunter 42:25

Women’s Overall

1st Place Vicki Boyer 52:46

2nd Place LaShaye Clemens 53:37

3rd Place Daniella Dispenza 55:39

Men’s Masters (40+)

1st Place Jason Townsend 45:39

2nd Place Ron Deems 50:32

3rd Place Trevor Niblock 52:15

Women’s Masters (40+)

1st Place Kathy Hoskins 57:32

2nd Place Angie Millet 57:52

3rd Place Becky Hillman 59:32

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10 Barrel
Bend Endurance Academy
Bend Soap
Combined Communications – 101.7
Combined Communications -107.7
FootZone Bend
Hydro Flask
Metabolic Maintenance
Roaming Yoga
Source Weekly
Therapeutic Associates