Our Salmon Run beneficiary is The Environmental Center. In the past 10 years, the Salmon Run has raised over $15,000 for the Center’s programs.

A healthy environment is essential for life to thrive on planet earth.  At The Environmental Center, we believe that changing how we live, work, play and learn is essential to securing that healthy future, for people and the planet.

We are a team of educators and advocates who translate the big idea of sustainability into practical, local action that makes a difference.  We teach children about enjoying and protecting our natural world, we inspire adults to change their behavior, we show businesses how to reduce waste, save energy, and increase profits, and we advocate for government policies that support a healthy environment and a vibrant economy.

Our programs include:

EarthSmart Kids: From classroom presentations to outdoor school days, we teach kids about how to think and act with sustainably.

Rethink Waste Project: We conserve resources and prevent pollution by reducing waste and increasing reuse, recycling and composting in our community.

Sustainable Business: We support and promote local, conscious consumerism and environmentally responsible business practices.

Climate Smart Community: We reduce our community’s carbon footprint by promoting energy efficiency and solar power and advocating for climate smart principles to guide future growth.

Join Us!  Learn more at envirocenter.org.

Lay It Out Events is proud to support a local nonprofit at every one of our events, festivals and races. Lay It Out Event has donated over $100,000 to nonprofits such as Saving Grace, The Ronald McDonald House, The Center Foundation, DesChutes Historical Museum and Bend Endurance Academy.

Looking to donate to the Environmental Center directly?


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